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Certified Legal Nurse Consulting


Certified Legal Nurse Consulting on medical or nursing malpractice, general personal injury, products liability, toxic tort, environmental cases, criminal cases, any case involving medical or nursing issues, probate, Medicare fraud, or workers’ compensation. Medical malpractice refers to professional negligence by a hospital or staff that actions have caused emotional, physical and monetary damage to a patient under care. Its scope includes physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Medicare fraud is the claiming of Medicare reimbursement to which the claimant is not entitled. There are many different types of Medicare fraud, all of which have the same goal: to collect money from the Medicare program illegitimately.


Medical Slueth – investigating healthcare issues – Contact Kaylin Today!


Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Kaylin Chase can find the important facts to make the most of your cases!

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?


A Legal Nurse Consultant assists attorneys with complex medical issues that arise in the course of the medical litigation.

  • Educating attorneys on standards of care and administrative practices
  • Review cases for merit
  • Interpret medical records
  • Assist attorneys with preparations for depositions
  • Assist with trials, review panels, arbitration and mediation hearings
  • Life Care Plans

For attorneys, a legal nurse consultant can be an invaluable tool in medical malpractice litigation.  Kaylin, has made years of experience in nursing to focus attention on the most important aspects of the case. Below is a primer on everything you need to know about legal nurse consulting.

The largest benefit of working with a Legal Nurse Consultant, is to better assist with medical litigation, and to improve an attorney’s chances of winning BIG for their client.


Experienced Medical Nurse Consultant


I have years of experience to help assist attorneys in  medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, toxic tort, environmental cases, criminal cases, and any case involving medical or nursing issues.

The National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC), which awards the certification of Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC), requires that registered nurses maintain an active RN license in the United States or Canada and complete at least the basic CLNC Certification Program along with recertification every 2 years.



Cost Effective Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Services

The services of Chaparral Associates Legal Nursing are more cost-effective than those of a physician. As a healthcare provider the RN’s at Chaparral Associates Legal Nursing can educate an attorney about a wide range of medical issues. This broad knowledge will save a law firm time and money when working with expensive medical experts.



Our Mission:

To provide factual data gleaned from medical records to assist attorneys with preparedness for litigation in cases involving medical malpractice, nursing malpractice, general personal injury, products liability, toxic tort environmental cases, criminal cases, Medicare fraud, or workers’ compensation.  

Outline of Service

(1)  Screen medical cases to eliminate the expense of non Meritorious lawsuits
(2)  Analyze electronic medical records, hospital policies and procedures and interpret their relevance to a case
(3)  Identify and locate the best medical expert witnesses to strengthen the credibility of your case
(4)  Develop reports and chronologies to highlight the significant medical events and how they fit into the overall case analysis
(5)  Identify adherence’s to standards of care
(6)  Assist with discovery
(7)  Detect tampering with Medical Records
(8)  Assess injuries and identify causation
(9)  Attend and report on Independent Medical Examinations
(10)  Deposition and Trial Examination Questions
(11)  Research and apply the Authoritative Medical and Nursing literature standards of care.
(12) Life Care Plans


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Kaylin Chase has outstanding communication skills, Broad understanding of medical issues, Ability to understand complex medical situations, Ability to eliminate undo client expense through fast and efficient work product. Please Call or get in touch today for assistance.


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