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Chaparral Associates Legal Nursing

Chaparral Associates Legal Nursing assists in locating expert medical witnesses in both plaintiff and defense cases involving medical malpractice, hospital negligence, personal injury, workers’ compensation, product liability, criminal, and toxic tort cases. Expert Medical Witnesses are located through our NACLNC organization of over 4000 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. Our company screens medical cases to eliminate the expense of non-meritorious lawsuits. Medical chronological reports are developed to save the attorney time and money in preparation of litigation.

We examine electronic medical records, hospital policies and procedures to interpret the relevance to the case. Through examination of the medical records we will detect tampering within the medical records or omission of medical records. We identify adherence’s and deviations from standards of care. Chaparral Associates Legal Nursing will assist with litigation discovery by preparing appropriate interrogatories and requests for production.  We will help to assess medical injuries and identify causation. We will attend
independent medical examinations to assure a proper assessment of the client’s injuries. Chaparral Associates Legal Nursing will apply authoritative medical and nursing literature research to the medical cases involved in litigation. Please Contact us!

The Greater Roadrunner is also known as a Chaparral.